A delicious infusion.

Food blogging is not your average recipe domain. Instead, it emphasizes the process of cooking/baking, the personality of the people who enjoy culinary delights, and anecdotes that explain why they care to share a particular recipe or flavor-pairing. Often, a particular yoghurt cake or blueberry sauce depicts a special evening or experience, cataloguing the memory via taste buds. The relationship food bloggers have with their ingredients is momentous. It is a journey that involves adventure, failure, triumph, and togetherness. It is ever expanding and chock full of new sensations and old favorites.

Bloggers such as Orangette offer ample doses of humor and vivid story-telling to give their posts personality and meaning. There is a certain romance with food that is also present. Rhubarb isn’t just some ingredient for Molly, it’s a love affair. It’s a spring tradition. It’s serious and delicious and comical. There is sentiment in her words as well.

Photographs have a great presence in food blogging. Their radiance and detail compliment the posts so tantalizingly well.


The process of experiencing the food is enhanced greatly by these images. They vary in blogs but they matter immensely. In the Bakerella blog, I can hardly peel my eyes away from the sticky-bun post. The abundance of high quality shots that accentuate the creamy frosting too indulgent and gratifying to ignore.


Blogs such as Simmer Till Done use pictures in an unconventional way. Instead of only focusing on eye-candy close ups, there are many drawings and comical photos that give the blog a scrap-book feel. This blog is dripping with personality and a personal catalogue of food life.


This blog features an honest and earnest account of varied cuisines. The pictures pop and the language is conversational.


The Wednesday Chef is written by Berlin-native Luisa Weiss who interjects many stories and musings in her posts. They are honest and relatable. (Her blog was included in the New York Times 50 World’s Best Food Blogs— Orangette is featured as number one!)

I really enjoy reading these blogs because they are full of character and ways to enrich life. Eating well enhances well-being. It’s also a nice change of pace to witness people that are all but giddy about their subject, I can get behind being so stoked about rhubarb, absolutely.

Jaci Hardgrove


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